Flying and Gliding within the Air Training Corps is one of many things that differs us from other youth organisations.  Every cadet on 2427 Biggin Hill Squadron gets the chance to take to the skies in one of the Air Cadets Grob Tutor aircraft. AEF (Air Experience Flying) provides cadets with up to a 45 minute flight, including an aerobatics demonstration.

When reaching the age of 16 each cadet can apply to attend either a Gliding Scholarship course or a Flying Scholarship course, earning them the right to wear their cadet wings on their uniform. This is thousands of pounds worth of flying training ... and all for the cost of the monthly 2427 subscriptions (Which is currently £10 a month - *Nov 2013).
Before the age of 16 the cadets can put their names forward to do Air Experience Flying (AEF) or Gliding Induction Courses (GICs), these are absolutely free too. What better way to foster the spirit of adventure and further an interest in the world of aviation.

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