Chipmunk Simulator

Chipmunk Flight Simulator

In 1953 this aircraft took to the skies, it flew many sorties at the hands of many pilots. Now it is being used to help train the pilots of the future. 2427 Biggin Hill is privileged to have a full sized flight simulator, made from the body of a real life De Havilland Chipmunk training aircraft. With the wings and engine removed, and the panels refilled with electrical equipment, this is without question, one of the finest cadet flight simulators anywhere in the UK. The Chipmunk was used by the ATC for Air Experience Flying (AEF) from 1957 all the way until 1996, when it was replaced by the Scottish Aviation Bulldog, which in turn was replaced four years later by the Grob Tutor, still in use by cadets today. Our Chipmunk is used to teach the cadets principles of flight, air navigation and general airmanship skills. This simulator has been an ongoing project for quite some time, and its primary function now is to maintain the simulator, replacing faulty wiring, or fixing glitches on the computer programme

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